10u “C” Rules Northeast Region

10u “C” Rules Northeast Region

 USSSA Northeast Region

   10U “C” & “Rec All Star” Rule Exceptions

For 10U “C” and “All Star” tournaments, the following rule exceptions or points of
emphasis will apply to the latest edition of the standard USSSA fastpitch rules, which can
be found online at either www.usssa.com or www.usssa1.com.
1. The dropped third strike rule does not apply. Whether or not the 3rd strike is
caught, the batter is out. The ball is still live and runners may steal 2nd and 3rd bases
with the liability of being put out. Runners may not advance home on a dropped
third strike.
2. Base Stealing is the act of a runner advancing without a base hit, awarded base(s) or
being forced. Base stealing is permitted under the following rule exceptions:
– Runners may steal one or more bases per pitch. This could include a batter
who receives a base on balls advancing to second or even third when
receiving the base on balls.
– Runners may not steal home. They are liable to be put out if they are off the
base when a play is made on them.
3. If a Runner who attempts to steal home safely advances to home plate, a dead ball
shall be declared.
i. PENALTY: FIRST OFFENSE in a game – A Team Warning shall be issued
and the runner shall be returned to third base.
ii. PENALTY: SECOND OFFENSE in a game and all subsequent offenses –
the runner shall be declared out.
iii. All other baserunners shall be placed at the bases they occupied at the
time of the pitch unless forced.
4. A 5 run limit per inning shall be imposed for the first 2 innings. Runs over 5 will not
be counted. All subsequent innings shall have no run limit.
5. Runners may only score on;
– A batted ball.
– A base on balls or hit by a pitch with bases loaded. The runner on third is
forced home in this situation.
– An awarded base when a live ball goes out of play to include a pitch that goes
out of play.


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